Why a petting zoo?

Families in urban areas are often unable to expose their children the joys of experiencing farm and animal life. Surrounded by concrete and small living spaces, children may be unable to feel nature’s wildness or come close to wild animals’ habits. This is where, in general, the importance of zoos and petting zoos comes in.
What is a petting zoo?
Typical zoos only have animals viewable at a distance and on a visual display in environments that may or may not be similar to their natural surroundings. There is not really any interaction with the animals beyond the visual aspect. This is often the case for a good reason – the animals can often be dangerous.
Petting zoos on the other hand, bring smaller and friendlier animals closer to children and allow direct contact, which can provide a whole different, more personal, and educational experience. 

Benefits of your visit:

Some benefits of your petting zoo trip to Rifugio Isola Del Sole:
  • Education
  • Experiencing Nature
  • Relaxation
  • A fresh break from city life
  • Learn about animals habits
  • Having fun!
What can children do there?
Our petting zoo has animals like cows, donkeys, ponies, rabbits, goats, sheep, and of course, dogs, with which children are encouraged to interact with physically and feed as well. The main learning lesson from these trips is to communicate with and learn about different facets of animal species. Therefore, a trip to our petting zoo could be more educational and interactive than just a visit to a zoo. 

An ideal trip for your child would be to come to our petting zoo at Rifugio Isola del Sole. 

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