Why humane education? 

Because children are our future, and we believe that they have the right to know things as they really are, without the filters imposed by society since birth.​​ Human beings create arbitrary barriers to the exclusion of beings who are not like them. People have justified their wars, slavery, sexual violence, and military conquests with the assumption that those who are “different” do not feel hardship and are not deserving of moral consideration. We are taught the Golden Rule as young children, and all major religions promote the values of non-violence and compassion. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Injustice is a threat to justice everywhere.”

As an educator, one has a chance to teach students that every animal— whether it’s a rat, a pig, a dog, or a child — feels pain, happiness, and fear, and wants to live. Teaching animal compassion not only helps animals, but also reduces the likelihood that children will grow up to be cruel to other humans. We know, for example, that many violent offenders, started to harm animals before moving to humans.

Excerpts from: PETA.org

Our Goals


We are currently seeking to partner up with the Sicily branch of LAV (Lega Anti Vivisezione) and OIPA (to bring in educators in the animal rights field and to host classes for children with the aid of fun games, flash cards, and many interesting activities to keep the children not only informed, but also entertained.

Classes will include the following:

  • Animal rights – to encourage children to overcome the usual stereotypes, inviting them to reflect on their relationship with their non-human friends
  • Benefits of neutering and spaying
  • The reality of intensive factory farming
  • The reality of circuses
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To all our supporters: Apologies for no updates. We have been dealing with ongoing legal issues of fraud, embezzlement, etc. and it has completely derailed our progress 🙁

We thank, love and appreciate you all and hope our journey can continue.

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