Why an elderly dog shelter?

The simple answer is that they are one of the most relinquished types of dogs.
There are many examples of people who refuse to take care of their older dog and/or want to either leave them on the road or give them to a public kennel. Why is this?
There are many reasons:
  • Unfortunately, most senior dogs who end up in shelters are the beloved companions of elderly people who have either died or were forced to move to an assisted living facility that would not allow dogs. Either the family will not take the dog and there is no one to take on this duty, or sometimes economic difficulties cause a family to lose their home, therefore the dog also becomes homeless. 
  • Couples divorce and the dog is not wanted by either party. 
  • Ex-show dogs are no longer useful and are sent to public kennels for euthanization.
  • People move, and for various reasons, they don’t want to take their elderly dog with them.
  • The elderly dog has health problems that the family doesn’t want to deal with, either for financial reasons or simply because they don’t want to be bothered by a sick dog.
If you are upset with the aforementioned explanations, we understand. These things often seem unfortunate and even cruel, but the actions of people who leave their senior dogs are often doing what they know and only a proper education can alter this view. 

What can I do?

It is our goal here to educate owners and help eradicate the issues plaguing this region in the realm of animal welfare. There are many things to do that can help out.

  • Why not visit our senior dog shelter, and adopt one? 
  • Or become a volunteer with us,  if you are unable to adopt?
  • Or attend one of our courses
  • Tell a friend
  • Get in touch- give us a call and chat about options
  • Donate! We need all the help we can get
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