Some recent Arts & Crafts history

The Arts & Crafts Movement’s founders were some of the Industrial Revolution’s first major opponents. Disturbed by the impersonal, mechanized governance of 19th-century culture, they tried to return to a simpler, more satisfying way of life. The movement is praised for its use of products of high quality and its focus on utility in architecture. The Arts & Crafts movement originated in the United Kingdom around 1860, at about the same time as the closely related Esthetic Movement, but in the 1890s the expansion of the Arts & Crafts across the Atlantic to the United States allowed it to last longer–at least until the 1920s. Although the movement did not take its common name until 1887, the Arts & Crafts movement existed in many variations in these two countries and inspired similar contemporary groups of artists and reformers in Europe and North America, including Art Nouveau, the Wiener Werkstatte, the Prairie School, and many more. Faith in art’s ability to reshape society exerted a powerful influence in all branches of the arts on its many successive movements.

Arts and Crafts today and Rifugio Isola del Sole

The movement’s practitioners strongly believed that the link between the artist and his work through craftsmanship was the key to producing both human fulfillment and beautiful objects that would be useful on a daily basis; as a result, the arts and the crafts are largely associated with a wide range of decorative arts and architecture. In an an era of instant gratification and in effort to provide socializing, hand dexterity, self-expression and innovation through creativity.

Rifugio Isola del Sole aims at nurturing craftsmanship in all its facets. The benefits of arts and crafts extends to all spheres of life and allows for becoming better equipped to face the challenges that life poses to us.

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What courses do we offer?

  • Glass-blowing
  • Weaving on the loom
  • Working with a sewing machine
  • Embroidery
  • Pottery making
  • Wood carving
  • Jewelry making
  • How to create your own soaps and perfumes
  • How to make pasta, butter, and cheese from scratch
  • How to make pastries

Schedules coming soon! 

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