The nature!

The nature!

Nature never ceases to amaze us in this magnificent place!

The refuge was born mainly for the defense of animal rights and welfare but we also want to safeguard the plants and the nature that surrounds us in the same way. In fact, among our activities there will be some related to the rediscovery of medicinal and aromatic plants and their properties. Just as the name says, they are plants used for healing purposes and have been used since ancient times.

To support this activity there will also be a corner dedicated to organic cultivation which in recent times is becoming very important.

There is still a lot of work to do but we will be happy to involve you in these projects.

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To all our supporters: Apologies for no updates. We have been dealing with ongoing legal issues of fraud, embezzlement, etc. and it has completely derailed our progress 🙁

We thank, love and appreciate you all and hope our journey can continue.

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