Driveway paving has begun!

Driveway paving has begun!

Just a few days ago workers came over early and began the not amazingly exciting, but largely important step of paving the driveway up to the house. This may seem a relatively simple thing, but the driveway is long!! I mean several hundred meters long, so it’s quite a process. We had contemplated not paving it, but it was quite a rough ride and we wanted guests to feel comfortable who didn’t have off-road vehicles. We will keep you updated with pictures.

We are also awaiting the arrival of several new rescues. Stay tuned…

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To all our supporters: Apologies for no updates. We have been dealing with ongoing legal issues of fraud, embezzlement, etc. and it has completely derailed our progress 🙁

We thank, love and appreciate you all and hope our journey can continue.

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